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Because of Indeterminacy, Notions of “Pre-Big Bang Era” Fall Apart

 Father Time rules.


 The answer is simple. The existence of time before the Big Bang can be discussed theoretically but never proven. The theoretical point called the “Indeterminate Point” is a point that can NEVER conclusively be proven physically. It can be discussed hypothetically, but it cannot be proven to exist. Consequently, one cannot conclusively prove the existence of other photons (three dots shown above) that are theoretically beyond the Big Bang. Therefore, the entire notion of an epoch beyond the Big Bang collapses.

Any photon that is, hypothetically speaking, even farther beyond the Big Bang can certainly never be proven. The reason for this fact is that the Indeterminate Point cannot be proven. The Indeterminate Point is the theoretical point that is just beyond the Big Bang in the speculative diagram above. As explained, it cannot be proven physically because of the initial heat of the Big Bang.

That heat would certainly have destroyed anything that might have existed. As mentioned in the article entitled “Indeterminacy”, the energy from the initial singularity would have obliterated anything near it. Because the Indeterminate Point cannot be proven to have physical existence, the other points too remain a matter of speculation.

Contrast this situation with what is known about the universe according to Big Bang theory. It is known from physical evidence provided by Penzias, Wilson, and Smoot that background radiation exists from the initial singularity. Indeed, Smoot and his team at Berkeley have created a map of this background radiation. Such physical evidence proves that the initial singularity was a moment of intense heat and energy. 

Professor Penrose, though he is the premier mathematician of this age, will not be able to prove the existence of a time before the Big Bang.

Copyright, 2009. Wade Hobbs, Jr. 


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